Zachary Auclair

work Experience

2011 present

Senior Software Engineer

FactSet Research Systems Inc. location_on Norwalk, CT

Wealth Engineering (member)

  • Focused on speeding up client-facing web applications.
  • Extended core symbology web-service, used by growing number of teams.
  • 2018, Q4 recipient of SpeedSprint award
    • Implemented web asset bundling, server-side pre-fetching, debouncing, lazy fetching, and Javascript opitimization.
    • Saved 2sec and 0.6MB of data per page load.

Platform as a Service Team (member)

  • Updated Golang code for our Docker scheduling service to interoperate with AWS EC2.
  • Built and enhanced ecosystem addons like database as a service, status monitoring, oauth gateway, log aggregation, job scheduling, self-updating CLI, and web dashboard.
  • Leveraged open source tooling like Postgres, Zookeeper, Redis, Heroku infrastructure services, OpenStack Swift, TravisCI, Jenkins, Git, Kafka, Grafana, ReactJS.
  • Trained new employees with my lectures and labs.
  • 2018, Q3 recipient of SpeedSprint award
    • Integrated facebook/dataloader in web dashboard to save 2.5sec and 33KB of bandwidth per page load.
    • On another page, profiled, refactored, and optimized code to reduce Javascript execution time by over 5sec.

FactSet on UNIX Team (member)

  • Created a central build service that generated events (build breaks, code promotions, installs) to improve visibility for developers.
  • Created a custom, self-service, Mercurial-backed deployment tool that reliably pushed and synchronized files on 7 clusters.
  • Created monitoring for our host fleet via a healthcheck service on each; tied in with Cfengine, host-categorization service, and package-rollout service.
  • Enhanced open-source websites including Redmine, OSQA, and ReviewBoard, while administering their Postgres databases.

Developer Services Web (sole member)

  • Increased reliability of Postgres setup via streaming replication, backups, and monitoring.
  • Created multiple single page, api-backed, infrastructure portals.
  • Enhanced web services to provide self-service functions: signoff-driven configuration deployment, and custom curatorship management.
  • Led various bake-offs: chat services, Git hosting, and continuous integration.
  • Enhanced and productionized open-source site deployments.

Online Build Team (team leader)

  • Managed team of 6, prioritizing, delegating, leading projects, and coaching junior members.

Perforce Admin (member)

  • Improved the tooling and server performance for developers.
  • Created automated monitoring, a self-service web portal, and statistics collectors for issue detection, diagnosis, and mitigation.
  • Trained new employees with my lectures and labs.
  • Enabled streaming replication to cut potential outage time from hours to minutes.

Software Engineer Intern (member)

IBM Software Group location_on Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Part of Websphere Application Server team, tasked with enabling J2EE app security accross all unit tests in custom framework.
  • Achieved goal and presented results to greater team at the end of Summer.

school Education

2007 2011

Software Engineering B.S. (Information Technology Minor)

Clarkson University location_onPotsdam, NY
GPA: 3.7/4
Dean's List every year.